cells (two occasions) showed nothing special. The treatment was chiefly by
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I ' sing over the views of the older observers, including those of Wolff,
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history. Nor was there any identity between the disease I am describing
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ing the stage of resolution, with good re- from them, so that it is possible for the
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3 Dr. Carl Friedlander, " Ueber Arteritis Obliterans," in the Centralbl. fur med. Wissen-
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remains what has been observed after death in many who have been
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ascribed to spasm of the coronary arteries and conse-
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vulsions, or even tonic spasms of a severe kind, with opisthotonos.
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accompanied with insomnia and vertigo, the depressed
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Anemia, especially in the later stages, is one of the char-
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lung were confused He thought, however, that the posi-
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should be used more freely ( 3 ij of the tincture, 3 ss potassium iodide,
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is hard, more or less sharply outlined, on section moist, and usually
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is made for more than twenty per cent, of the men of
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that his fame was not owing to length of time, I find
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tion of urea with urinary decrease ensues, is very different from the
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6 mg. of creatinin and 300 mg. of urea nitrogen. In another case,
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The dropped stomach is, for the most part, vertical in
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produced, a small oxalate of lime calculus would give rise to
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mystery. It appears to be governed by no general law of onset or progress.
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for many years. I found her laboring under the following symp-
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divided into six books, the titles of which are as follows : —
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is more easily manipulated than the ordinary Thoma-Zeiss haemocytometer.
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catamenia being scanty. Her death seems to have been acce-
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privy the greatest relief and the most complete security may be given at
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month of pregnancy. She had symptoms of uraemia, indicated by
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ture, Marcus Aurelius the patron of Galen knew how to value
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of others which have been recently published. We shall, there-
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