expulsion of any stones, served to force them down within
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quently ends in carrying the poor abused mite beyond the need
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of the asylums of Germany and France was owing to ophthalmia
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prompt reply, " I cannot admit for an instant that homoeopathic
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the knife at the inner canthus, as noticed by Dr. Knapp ; but I
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of hardened lead, envelope of nickel. Calibre, 7-6 milli-
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bv Conrad George, M.D. Reprinted from "The Physician and Surgeon," July,
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nection with the New York Hospital, being then appointed junior
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Resident Physician of the Hahnemann Hospital of New
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be found satisfactory. The type of the book is refreshingly clear
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The simplest and most fundamental laws of hygiene are per-
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and waters of the Chesapeake. He ever after loved a
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hemorrhage, although it may not come from a large vessel, is
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tice in Davenport. She was subsequently appointed one
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"Bottini's Galvano-Caustic Radical Operation for Hypertrophy of the Pros-
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to the General Memorial Hospital, of the surgical staff of which
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also had a distinguished career in medicine. He graduated at Yale
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medical infant ; namely, the student of medicine, on the eve of
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Formerly septic evolution carried off rapidly three-quarters
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mentioned, quinine is now largely used : it is quite certain that
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For twelve years Dr. Smith was Visiting Physician to the
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hard, yellow-green mucus from nose; nose swollen, red, and sore
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sea-baths, gives the following resume of his conclusions : —
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anchylotic or apparently chronic arthritis changes appear, above all, in the
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splinters to draiv together their fragments in such a continuous and
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which, if based on false ideas, are at least intelligible, but they
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and, until lately, in good health. Found her complaining of
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thirty-eighth session, at St. Louis, on June 2, 3, 4, and 5. The
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to test the subject in some ward of one of our hospitals. — Scientific American.
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in the form of a cleft, which may be either simple or
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