termined to make this the first medical school west of the Alleganies ;
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tion by foreign journalists. His death has left a chasm in the profession,
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tubercles are usually found, and they may give rise to an acute meningitis,
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Capsicum is particularly adapted to scarlet fever and erysipelatous
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Here also there are different grades of union. There are, for instance, the
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extracts from the spleen, liver, and other organs of animals or persons who
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ceased. He found many opponents to his ideas, which were rejected.
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articulated from the scapula. The subclavian artery, which had been
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prolonged exposure to a very high temperature cannot be withstood
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ulcerate and show no disposition to undergo resolution.
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; tended with general nervous torpor or irritability, or with flatulent dis-
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tion that the bacilli were dead or attenuated is not altogether outwith the
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malarial parasites, which not only destroys the corpuscles which they
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foot stamped heavily, heels first, on the ground. The steps are unequal,
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cough, vomiting, epigastric pains, etc., have immediately disappeared on
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particularly Colorado, and the coastal state of California ; certain districts
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this beautiful series, while they may be had, we expressly desire that a
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endeavour to decide whether the arterial congestion giving rise to them is
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paper baa been ^ven every three boors ^. x. in sis papM)i withbot
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fracture «»f the leg, has had a verdict rendered in his favor. — Dr. Auto-
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in that direction. Upon pressure it bad a firm, elastic feel, but was dcA
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sun. With the arrival of the rains there is a drop both in the admissions
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the flow of saliva is very great belladonna as atropia may be administered.
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tra-indication to the performance of capital operations. M. Ru& ha»
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spirillum, another developed long threads. Of thirty varieties cultivated sub-
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the extent of its application, other things being equal, is proportionate
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Diphtheritic Tracheitis. — This nearly always occurs as an extension
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the tissues to resist the disease. These intracellular toxines seem to be
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abscess, by an enlarged thyroid gland, or by a dislocated clavicle.
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pestilens." Under this name it was common during the seventeenth century, and
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incisors are long and scalpriform, and have persistent pulps. Enamel is only
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have been almost annihilated. The disease had reached the Blackfeet,
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warmth, are thus diffused over tbe whole frame. Patients, therefore,
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could feel portions thrown out of their natural position and resting in the
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prize of publishing on his own account. This is a proper book for dis-
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" punch-forceps," as introduced by the writer, such tonsils may be safely,
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absent. Pustular syphilides resembling acne and impetigo naturally occur
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Thb third edition of this useful guide for medical students, Ut elementary anatomy and phyaiolosy,
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at which time a cylindrical tube, eight or nine inches in length, which
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lumbia College, in which Drs. Closy, Bard, Jones, Middleton, Smith
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Turks are constantly cheated by the Greeks, as they refuse to delay the