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hypertrophy of the left auricle, and a prolongation of the

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Tone, Linda, RN; Ronald McCowan, MD; Cliff Thorpe, CVT; Terry

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hip disease in any child in whom a persistent peculiarity of gait or

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from the larynx may invade the upper part of the cesophagns.

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Surgeon, and wrongfully signing certificates of the cause of

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thelioid cells of tumors might be supposed to be liable to a similar meta-

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in a well-marked case, is soft, and the corpus callosum and white matter

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convulsions, chorea, and certain nervous headaches,in melancholia

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same evening. He has changed very much for the better, his color having im-

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immediate shock. As a routine practice in all operations,

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ing 101.2, evening 103; 22d, morning 101, evening 103.8 ; 23d, morning 100.5, evening 102.5,

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sort we would be perfectly justified in suspecting something of

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39. On Thrombus of the Vulva and of the Vagina, especially after Accouche-

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5. Dement WC: Data on file. Medical Department, Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. Nutley NJ

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Subject — Extraction of the Lens and Cure of the Myopia," by

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At a discussion on this subject which took place recently at the X .Y.Acad,

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read in the larger sections made these meetings more satisfactory, for

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unimpeachable experience and observation ascribes to it a special value in

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and with better prospect that the operation itself would be successful,

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than the cut surfaces , are in contact. After the wound in the skin

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blood subcutaneously and blood from mother was tested against baby's

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971.— Frohiier. UeberdieGiftigkeit des Filixextractes.

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to the same non-nitrogenous diet as before during the second

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is here represented, and as will be perceived the chain can be

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Mix. — Fresh milk, to fill champagne bottle. Cork

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causes clumping of the corresponding organism the Micrococcus

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asphyxia could be more sudden or more complete than

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say 5 to 10 grains every two or three hours until we get the full physi-

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Island, Pa., and to special duty in Philadelphia, Pa.

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seven names. Another year has passed, and to-day its member-

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is no fixed time for the skin lesions of cerebrospinal fever to appear, and their

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This is painted over and somewhat beyond the affected surfaces,

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Dr. E. p. Joslin: The efficacy of any new treatment for diabetes