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small quantity. She had gained in flesh and strength during this plan of

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M^moire snr PEsthiom^ne, ou Dartre Rongeante de la Region

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certain that it exerts no i*emedial influence in these directions. So long,

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in the lower portion of the city, and died from drunkenness and

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proportion of cases that the bile appears to be secreted in morbid quan-

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Regulation of the ingesta as regards quantil}^, and tonic remedies con-

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An embolus sometimes excites inflammation of the surrounding tissues,

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to believe, is secondary to the collapse. The collapsed lobules become

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which this organ daily receives, the various stimulating and irritating sub-

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and at length are, in like manner, removed. Hence, as the affection pro-

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hydrocyanic acid, creasote, and chloroform. Niemeyer extols the applica-

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" 12th. Urine contains no blood ; color natural ; has slept well ;

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effect. In some instances, he has directed, with advantage, a solu-

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iu these cases, unless the escai)e of blood be unusual!}' rapid and abundant,

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the subdivision in the bottom of each cell corresponds with the

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and delirium of fevers It is absolutely invaluable.

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the action of Ipecac as a stomachic tonic and by increasing the gastric secretions ; the

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ized dropsy in a child of ten years, suffering from amy-

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sketch, is to be added the liability to return, when situated in an accessible

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Blood can be made nowhere else. The blood 10 formed and

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passed above the ileo-ca^cal valve. The taste of oil may have been real,

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April, and May, in Paris, the relative proportion of cases in June, August,

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the symptoms point to the existence of some affection within the chest,

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will end in April, 1892. Didactic lectures are illustrated by daily clinical

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LL.D. Harv., author of " Fat and Blood, and How to Make Them."

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* and at the same time investigating, with peculiar attention, the

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