The diagnosis of chronic valvular disease is usually a matter of
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tated, and, in due course, walk out of the hospital quite well. He will notice
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than cases of myxcedema in man in which the symptoms are due to
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Pneumonia. — The phlebitis occurring as a complication of pneu-
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As will appear in the following experiments, the ingestion of 100 gm.
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cal aspects of the case rather than at tins point, but we may notice
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the fatty degeneration as a part process of myocarditis, and to give
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jaundice is hepatogenic, and hematogenic jaundice does not exist.
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ment jaundice of hepatic origin for the following reasons :
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once and continued during the patient's stay in the hospital of more than a
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the normal. In a second case the tone was considerably increased by a 1 to 100
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this series it was shown that an escape from recurrence of pellagra
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tendency. Thus a disorder or peculiarity present in a grandfather may
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tions a very few partially degenerated blastomycetes were found, lying in sinu-
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finds in normal individuals a variation in heart load between 40 and 60
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the stimulating effect of the thyroid on metabolism, which supports
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quently a year with indefinite or uncertain record was followed by one
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few children are admitted. It will be observed from the table below
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* 17. Kohler : Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, October 8th, 1894, p. 927.
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gained his former activity so that, with the exception of his weight
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Where the accumulation is excessive, the heart muscle itself suf-
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the aorta with consequent gangrene of the organs within the abdomen
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noea, intense in some cases, slight or nearly absent in others. Ewart
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external violence without breach of the skin ; Gouzy a rupture in con-
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entire eyeball in the course of an endocarditis ulcerosa, and a second
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may not be directly affected. In fact, their structure usually remains
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tractions. Laennec said long ago : " We can distinguish two kinds of
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year. This case is another possible example of recovery after one
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delayed, so that the impulse spreads through the ventricles properly
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commenced in 7b" women was thirty-eight years and in 20 men forty-
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node is not low. In such cases the ventricular rate may be higher than
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Heart Load wo Per Cent and Over. — These cases had a distinct
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Diuretic (theocin), some studies of a; Henry A. Christian 606
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than one in which the absorbed light is measured, it was thought that
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once to the observer that some unknown general condition gives a
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various kinds, perforation of the septum, persistence of the ductus
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murmurs accelerates the action of the heart. This is especially true