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Spasm of the glottis may be occasioned by irritation of the recurrent

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excessive in this case, and generally the urine is suppressed.

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than do the healthy tissues just after a wound has been inflicted.

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It has been found that lice on clothing removed from the body may remain alive

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joints from alteration of all their ligaments, without any

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bands is relieved, and the bladder is free to rise in

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walk-in centers in the Fairfield County area has an opening for

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These tumours are almost exclusively found occupying some

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Nautcs, 1880-7, v, 11.3-115.— Maiilcy (T. H.) A unique

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the promulgation of what has been proved to be so erroneous.

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Commentary. — In this case it was observable that the vomiting did

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cavity. In rare instances recovery may take place after the escape of the

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and in those tracheotomized, 400 unities were needed.

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While many cases in the tropics are truly amoebic, we

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massage, and the use of electricity, the two latter being

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of the nervous system, so that mental delusion, weak-

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is worth di cents per pound." The unthrifty appearance of the pigs

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American Physicians and Surgeons, held in New York on

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In this connection we wish to add the chart from a patient who

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antitoxic power of the serum is one of the principal factors

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