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with colder water. The numbers are sufficiently large to entitle them,
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always followed by decided febrile reaction. The last injection of 45 mgm. was
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more effectively in subacute and chronic gastric catarrh, dilatation of
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of New York City, who has given us a good article on this
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tinal and laryngeal involvement. Some of the accidents of the dis-
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New York City, I used it according to directions. The boy
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compounds, as Professor Thompson says. The main source
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Ktiology. — The liver is implicated in all instances of acute miliary
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issue, however, is the result of careful and thorough revision. Espe-
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ning of February to May, inclusive, and the next most frequent period
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of advance or retreat from the normal type. The syphilitic,
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(3) Circumstances connected with the Individual. — Of these age heads
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This is really the proper way to get mushrooms. Raise or
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was fond of a joke, but, strange to say, he could never suc-
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Cooling Deep-Seated Parts. — Contrary to the commonly prevalent
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The danger lies in the toxaemia which is overwhelming the nervous
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In the milk-supply of London the average number of bac-
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ary to the induration and contraction there is dilatation of the bronchi,
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run into the tub until the water surrounding the patient is cool; this
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results that I would commend it as a valuable auxiliary in treating
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had had gout in the form of arthritis, and neither had inter-
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charc^e coming from the nostrils, accompanied with difficulty in opening
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quantitatively, but also qualitatively in a quite different manner.
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specific gravity of the drop of blood. Have all instruments
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pensation. In the latter greater care must be exercised, but we may
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ated, they usually begin toward the summit of the upper lobe. Another
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when treating of rheumatism. Here its origin is given as the
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while for the antipyretic effect fifteen to twenty minutes may be neces-
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for a time be absohltely stopped, for we know that in excess they
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An erythematous rash is not uncommon, and appears, if at all, about the
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sometimes even obliterating the normal contour from jaw to clavicle.
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they were followed by transient narrowing and a return to the normal
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hot applications be cleared up and made to inure to the benefit of suf-
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Case II. — Dr. H- — - asked me to give him lavage. He looked haggard,
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at home, I am convinced that in most instances the results obtained
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demand for oxygen on the part of the system are — first, the slow and
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tically equivalent to plain water. Only one of the patients died, the
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Dr. Barton says the leaves of most of our trees fall in the
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of this zone is converted into an exfoliating membrane. The contents
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other hand, cases that tend to recovery may be prolonged, on account of
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lead to the increased purchase of more economical foods, in-
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