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fever, cholera, diphtheria, &c., not contagious, all prevail as epidemics

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had cleared the bowels out well, and he had eaten almost

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generally present in abundance ; there is nuclear overgrowth, the vessels

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veniencc, to fly from the disease. Such persons should be sure — 1, to

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scanty. Follovving upon an accident, her face, body

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guaiacol and creosote may benefit the lung, a further attempt

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The tumor was not adherent to the brain-tissue, but

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ciples of medicine. In regard to this very subject of venesection, it is very

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chords, and causes them to bulge. At last the cough loses all sound.

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sheon med u a lever to twist up touiDlquet and bald in

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drinking-water has been introduced with no improvement in respect

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ration proth6tique des os maxillaires auperieur et inf6rieur

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cause, although its pathological ensemble is almost identi-

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the second Wednesday in the month of April of ea'ch year."

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of septicemia. This, the most common form, usually appears about

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terminating in recovery. Dec. 25, 1897, Washboum re-

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a large one be made, a fungous growth springs up from it,

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final disciplinary actions were taken. In addition, the listing includes all reportable actions finalized since

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cases is below normal ; the pulse is rapid and feeble ; the

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servative basis, using a combination of surgery, radium and roentgen-

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This faculty is, however, not confined to bacteria, for the

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wishes well for the Profession and for this Societj' should

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sulphate, 1 tr. oz. ; zinc sulphate, 1 tr. oz. ; di-

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noff used the vaccines in 13 small communities in Russia where the

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lect from the best authorities, and some original observations, are

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{d) Patient, after excision of a large (simple or malignant?)

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the posterior surface of the cord, which is flattened, and presents a grayish

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are normally, yield intermediate products of oxidation, as oxalic acid for ex-

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bly saved the life of a "patient from fatal hemorrhage. A large

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throat. On inspection I found the tonsils enlarged, con-

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Whenever I have submitted the type set forth in this paper to sur-

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The patient may have shivering and rigors, or a distinct chill.

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It has simply been revived. Instead of dissecting out the tonsil,

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by voluntary nursing and visiting organizations, especially in connexion

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The foreign body was a flat piece of vulcanite, triangular in shape,

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