thickness one quarter of an inch ; the calculous coating was one-eighth,

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doses of poison, and the process of destruction will occur with greater

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scarcely at all. Only two feeds daily, for he is able to take

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There is general distention of the intestinal coils and great exhaus-

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Case 6. Mrs. M. ; age, 58 ; widow, milliner, blonde. A

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Calomel has been largely used in the same cases. Some give it,

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VI. — A case of Anchylosis of the Lower Jaio success-

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in infectious or suppurative cholangitis and pericholangitis, with extension

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ed the sigmoid flexure of the colon, and lay within that intes-

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to a quite altered blood-supply on the escape of the foetus, often finds itself

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Such a state of affairs exists in no other country probably

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more rounded. At this stage also there is evidence of the loss of parallel

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extending 4 ctm. up the vagina. The child is then easily re-

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lesion of this form of fever — namely, fullness, resonance, and

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divides in the parotid gland into two branches, one of which joins

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[131] Dencker. Journ. Amer. Med. Assoc, Chicago, 1911, Ivi, p. 417. A case of chronic

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necessary in all cases of this kind; or that the use of

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quently in the male sex than in the female, which the author attributes to the fact

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lar around the neck, and patches form on the abdomen, back

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mining the nature of the suboxidation processes. It

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Darwin's, Brooks' and Gatton's views, that while something is

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devote themselves — their time, their energies, and

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has little to do with the ability to move independently — a

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that, whether Mr. Lister's explanation of his method of dress-

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the inflamed area three or four times a day. Above all remedies and

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secret ambush of the disease, and exterminates it at once and

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before it moved, the value of the organ it may visit, and the de-

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But, whilst the Editors have felt it to be their duty to prepare a

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sse for two years ; and in one case it disappeared after a few weeks. It is

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oo--;o<3soor--»'W'^X)co— ♦ccoooorHoscor'i-'— 'x*4

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The above medicines are put up in their simple or compound state, pulverized or ground

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cerebrum was essential to the conceptive force, which

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Cholera. — Cases are removed from the vessel and isolated and that