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brile movement, whereas they precede it in gastro-enteritis. The tempera-

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If acute local peritonitis is secondary to visceral inflammation, the in-

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dead bone, bits of wood, septic ligatures, etc., may be the cause.

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alveoli, they may become fixed at any i^oint on the ejaithelial surfaces or

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cancerous development or are obliterated by its pressure. Scirrhus develops

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pubes or a median or lateral lithotomy or lithotrity. By lithotrity is

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H. Elastic lamina, limiting the degenerative process- x • j.i -i jt

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and tr. ferri perchlor. are to be given in ten-drop doses, three times a day.

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passage of offensive nasal discharges into the larynx should be prevented.

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dead bone exfoliated in carious conditions is soft and crumbles, whereas

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pleural cavity is as follows : — in acute suppurative pleurisy with sero-fihri-

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tained in the discharges from the mucous surface of the alimentary canal ;

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This course of the fever is often greatly modified by complications.

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Pupil Nv/rses. — The candidate must procure a form of application from the

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dicated, the effect of the first few doses should be carefully noted. There

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sues, unless especially septic, it will not occasion any very considerable

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Treatment. — Whether inherited or acquired, the fibroid diathesis is most

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side, according as the right or left kidney is involved. As a consequence

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mal, there are no thoracic symptoms, no dyspnoea, the face is pale and anx-

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Death from complications is its frequent termination. In the aged it is

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is feeble. There is more or less cough attended by a frothy, watery expec-

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occur in two locations, one above the condyle, and the other below.

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enable one in the majority of cases to make a differential diagnosis.

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Differential Diagnosis. — It is usually not difficult to recognize mitral re-

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changes take place in the convoluted tubes of the cortical portion, espe-

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ing the symptoms and evidences obtained. Sometimes the fracture will

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mucus or pus covers its surface. It may cause dilatation of the oesopha-

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Changes in the Tubercle. — The changes following the deposit of the

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action is disturbed, and the radial pulse becomes markedly feeble and inter-

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foot, are produced by infantile paralysis. 2. Injury. 3. Spinal lesions