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likewife, that it flops the Hiccough, cures Venereal
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It is a good Vehicle to take any of the Preparations
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very like unto Columbine Leaves , four or Jive f eve-
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Luts at all ; in others like unto it, with deep Cu's
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noof, / landing each upon a pretty long Loot -Pal k :
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The Congress is to be held in Washington Sept. 5th, 6th, 7th,
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Bowels, if it is recent. It alfo flops the overflow-
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mach and Belly •, but if a little Aloes or Rhubarb
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gainlt all Poilbns and Infections of Contagious and
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ftand at the joints thereof, and are fomewhat long,
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der Foot folk , which afterwards yield fnall Seed like
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the pans, but that the great Head of Flowers / lands
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is Blufh, thick fpotted with very fmall fpots, that
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Stalks , and Roots thin Jliccd. It has the Virtues of
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forts hereof, viz. 1 . R os Solis, Jive Rorella rotun-
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part in July, and from July to the end of Atiguff , the
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vails againft Apoftems, and painful Sores or Ulcers,
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fo effectual ^ and tho’ it may be ufed in all thofe
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hot Caufe, it eafes it. It alfo allays Inflammations
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the kind, tho’ the Leaves, by being larger, do fome-
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curve of the urethra may vary greatly, we must alter the curve
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twenty-eight ; temperature, 100° 8,15 p.m. Pulse, 100 ; res-
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fpsthesia one or two ounces (mils 30 to 60) of olive oil containing 2 to 3
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either and yet I have a duty to perform. I am not asking of you
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Chap. 139. Sett. 6. aforegoing, which is alfo a ge-
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green color, crefted or ftraked on the backfide, and
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them, either a fmall piece of a whitifh flower , or
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tic, I mention here a few much-quoted examples: A foreign body, or
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like unto the former great kind, fo that no difference
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hundred dollars, or by imjjrisonment in the county jail for
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parts, (Lengthens the Joints, gives eafe in the Gout,
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love, if they can be called so. It should be added, however, that
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fays it grows of it lelf Wild in divers places, in the
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gull if olium majus , Jive Serpent aria major ; Coronopus
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but it is by Vomit, and therefore it is thought that
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f, rover, Sped, and manner of growing, is abjolutey