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cin, Asceepin, Cypripedin, Eitpatorin, Rhusin, Myricin, Helonin,Podophyllin,
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manner the cut edges almost always retract perfectly
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imperfect introduction is more than idle dreaming. The bene-
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. i, a ; :.s, and an opil-opiic condition was induced, which passes
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cases i. e. where sepsis is only slightly marked the
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foreign body and the introduction of instruments. In laryngotomy, a crucial
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signs are all the more marked when the inflammation
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cial) alone remains unchanged — the grain being reduced to
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1857 Stkakns (hi Liquors a tui their Adult* rations. 309
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ysms, which caused her to scream from intense agony. Fomen-
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catarrh are given no place by the author, as he states that '^ he
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ing to the undtr part of the lower jaw, I received the following
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Professor of Physiology and Pathology, and acting Prof,
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here further trace the same adaptation ; animal food, which is
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and sometimes sober; and again, not quite a year since, I saw
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vessels and others, is, that their capillaries circulate venous blood,
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much less chance of subsequent deformity in the part. But it is in
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um, amaurosis, cataract, ectropium or falling of the iris.
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Zinc, copper, silver, valerian, the cotyledon, the sumbul, are all
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They do harm in the organic diseases of the stomach ; in ple-
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escape, and dissolving yield up their contents to furnish nutri-
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and the summing up on that defense, these particulars being more within
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Precisely as in the case before given, I make the reflex
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Removal of the Medical Department. — We cannot refrain from
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who are diseased. Exercise in the open air, ride, walk, hunt,
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ened at the intensity and violence of its action, and few will be disposed to
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many of them quite corresponding to the sudoriferous and scba-
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Thus, having satisfied myself as to the nature and locality of the
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Fig. 2. Section of the pylorus, showing narrow channel, hypertrophy of muscular
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creation ; to be brought into contact with the oxygen of the
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gave him, however, a I vi. mixture instead, composed of salines,
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from the linings of the air passages. Perhaps the absorption
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must satisfy every unprejudiced mind. It will there be found, that the boas-
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Dr. Boling took doses of the one hundred and sixtieth part of a
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hence, (in part) perhaps its greater exemption from danger.
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igan, was referred to the committee on Publication, under a suspen-
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these two membranes is very marked, and the strife for thedomicil
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off of a certain amount of water through the skin, either in the
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