at least in some instances, much emaciated, with abdomens
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in this^ seasonal group is, therefore, approximately 15.6 per cent.
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Captain Lawrence was educated at Edinburgh, where he graduated
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Carte's name is mentioned in the most incidental way ; his compres-
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vout and sincere, others mere jesters and knaves from
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The big laboratory on the second floor will be converted into a phys-
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of procuring means to defray the expenses of his professional course, he
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and is better designated by the terms • 'hypotonia" (Bouveret)
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Three Rivers. — The soil and face of the country here is similar to
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Divisions. The bacillar anthrax may be manifested by
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Ether will be of most service when the extraction which it is
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age, who had been the subject of tuberculosis, and who
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as an osteomyelitis of the upper epiphysis of the femur,
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1901 a. — Excessive eosinophilia in trichinosis <Am. Med., Phila., v. 1 (11),
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may cease to contract, either because movement of the adjoining parts is painful,
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been made of these facts in devising a method for the rapid cultiva-
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pain during the operation of excision, which occupied three minutes of
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caused their disappearance to a considerable extent. But in
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12.60 inches; for 1894 it was 12.49 inches; for 1895 it was
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the nitrate or in the form of the chloride, in increasing doses by
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and 457). Facultative anaerobe. Grows only at body temperature or neigh-
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In a few cases of depressed fracture of the skull it happens that an
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bitation was removed from any supposed cause for malaria, they
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word fell into disuse. It was replaced by the word hydromyelia, but the
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teii il is speedily taken in and appropriated, and a
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tion, and very shortly afterwards had uncontrollable
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This difference the author attributes to the fact that Prof. Schultze's mea-
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assumed as a cause what is, in the great majority of instances, merely;
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seen in the turning outward of the feet, throwing the
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disease, is due, in the main, to factors other than infection ;
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— Ellinger's is a good one for this purpose — and
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withstanding the fact that the population between those ages is
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conditions of our schools. The first definite piece of work under-