United Kingdom, Vol. X, p. 194) of double congenital dis-

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399-407.— Smith (G. A.) Fractureof both femursinutero;

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bring the fluid into contact with the entire sac. There will

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the incidence of occupational disease to "zero". Utilization of machine-access-

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Dr. Monidere reports nineteen cases of sporadic and epidemic dysentery

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dividualised, and, according to the wishes and condition of the patients,

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are to be separated from the bone in the same way, together with the

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Continental writer, as '• glanders in the ox." He believes that

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to sleep." Just as he arose from his spontaneous devotions he observed that

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sented a large cicatrix upon its anterior surface, leading to

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after another all had died after lingering illnesses —

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monary lesions. If, with a slight apical catarrh, a pa-

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in water and allowed to crystallize again. On evaporating, a sweet

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mors, contains a double quantity of iodine and of the salt. The hydrio-

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and patient.. Such a " League' 1 as he proposes, has for some time been

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fifth class Public Medicine, with the subsections Legal Medi-

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College Hospital fby Mr. Wood), 2 p.m.; Royal London Ophthalmic,

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pid fluid of a transparent vesicle, and combined with opaque pus ;

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percentage of caseinogen, the clotting set up by gastric digestion is

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upon the skill of an untaught workman. In the ordinary

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was scarlet from vascular injection, and a great quantity of mucus,

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College of Physicians, relating to an identical operation under-

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alternations in the heat of the body, highly injected mucous

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Committee, when once formed, .shall be self-nominating, its

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tion of the kidneys, bladder, and in gravel. It is chiefly