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until the wound was enlarged, was thought to be the caecum.

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to this line of treatment. When the speaker was an interne at

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Experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) is the

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ders of this ulceration were found to be congested.

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law at defiance ; and who cling to inoculation, and do all in their

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Under these circumstanci s, delphine or kerosene will

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deed, but not the less grateful on that account, in

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the Christmas pudding ! A life of Dr Milne, by the late Mr John

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The supporting structure (neuroglia) exhibits deep staining in many

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obstruction of the coronary veins, and the growth of tubercles or cancer.

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pernicious anaemia, was for many years a scourge. The coolies on

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Month., N. Y., 1889-90, xxxvi, 397-400,— F I agjs (CoraH.)

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tain fluid from endosmose, which strongly refracts light. 250 diam.

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again, at the beginning of the present winter session, and the secretion

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symptoms and the general phenomena of influenza are not dependent

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sometimes acid, sometimes alkaline. The flixid may re-

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application of small blisters to the joints. Under this treats

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51 were made from throats that appeared, clinically

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desirable that we should do so, inasmuch as he is no longer a

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HuNTBR RoBB, A. M., M. D., Chas. B. Pabkbr, M. D., M. R. C. S., Bug.

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pulse reaches 100, the heart, the lungs, the spleen, the lower birth-

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and a half and three inches craniotomy would give as

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passed the age at which the unsteady gait began in Mary,

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adopted the balance of evidence was overwhelmingly in favour of the view that

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nature to close these openings. Unless there is some

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Appendicitis.— On the eighth day of an attack of gangrenous

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accentuated, or a pure presystolic murmur, audible over the tricus-

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ditions. It acts by producing a block in the bundle of His which checks the

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Congress, to which the Profession throughout Europe has

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arranged to hold the tubes at the proper inclination, and

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succeeds the injury ; and in one case, in which the external skin, to all appear-

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or three times a day, administered in a little whisky. The dis-

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lute bar or would be- directed, more or less, toward the peri-

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believed that the foundation for this ill health was laid somewhere in the schools,

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the' bad hygienic conditions of on-board-ship life, devclope

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relief, that is, the uterus has been kept up, but from

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which Dr. C. has arrived, we have, like the latter, found it to contain nothing

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(N.) The treatment of the more severe forms of cluh

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ment. Weak plates, due to underexposure, can be intensified, but

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