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4. According to Ziehl-Nelsen, the preparation to be examined is
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the prejudicing, alarming, or exciting of the subject. This applies
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muscles and parts of the neck. Just below the butt of the ears
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rheumatism as an extension of pericarditis, but pleurisy such
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any remedy than by the drawing of a blister before the inflammation has been
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which should be broken, and the liquid below it used. It does not deteriorate by age,
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continued fever). I quite satisfied myself that those cases
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ruler or shaper of his own conduct — when his organism rules
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a mechanical transformation of a disk-shaped corpuscle into a sickle-
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commenced. Another curve (Chart II), obtained from Experi-
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contagion, in none could the fever be traced to either cause. Of the
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5. Trauma, such as is frequently suffered in difficult deliveries, and
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desire for relief so intense that she filled her rectum
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presented itself. It was pretty firmly attached, and I
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which is sometimes streaked with blood, supervene. We may see associated
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in doses of one eighth grain, or Laudanum, in doses of twenty-five drops,
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when a heiiiorrhafre occurs in other parts of the brain.
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mata. Finally, it may be traumatic. It occurs most frequently
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of the muscles, congestion, inflammation, cramps, congested
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vessel containing two ounce measures of the air from mercurius
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portance of the subject might well justify their re-
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had occurred during the delirious slate, excepting the pain in ^
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way to accomplish this is to be discriminating about those
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discharged. During his stay in hospital the man often tried to
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prophylaxis to their newborns. Pediatrics 1983; 72: 176-180
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spectrum, that a band of absorption or maximum opacity appears ;