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There remain the following cases in which the sea voyage has proved of
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either or both the labyrinthine fenestrse. It may advance by several of
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issued by him in the course of professional treatment in the
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ical data as to its possible functional and structural harmfulness
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and three-quarters inches long extending obliquely to the left; the perito-
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An indictment of a Physician, charging him with giving a pre-
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No more characteristic group of symptoms attends any dis-
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County Medical Society from 1899-1900 and the Associated Phy-
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Kocher considers the fingers as the best instrument for performing chole-
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of poisoning sometimes develop depending upon the amount taken
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extremely malignant instance of periosteal sarcoma which recurred later in
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the stone was in the duct, the bile would at once tear the incision open and
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" The Treatment of Angioma," are probably the most interesting and
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membrane. There may be added to this : 1. Cases of deafness without nota-
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Case V. — Mr. G., aged thirty-five. Had a bad fall from his horse
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Commission and our own further confirms us in our opinion that
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the puerperium. They may be considered acute conditions of exhaustion^
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from the same fault? A number of experiments have been made from
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is less harmful ; if the endometrium again hypertrophies a mild escharotic
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very sensible remarks on the delicate subject of sexual perversion in the
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engorged with very dark blood ; this was especially noticeable in the
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the parts contiguous with the bowel, in senile chronic cases.
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The beneficial action in these cases. Professor Stiller considers due to the
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future." Excision of the membrana and the two larger ossicles will permit
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rubbed on to the abdominal walls. Finally, it is also given as a rectal sup-
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purposes, whereas, in Naples, it is not uncommon to have twenty or thirty
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sion temperature was 103, pulse 120, respirations 35, blood pres-
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abdominal cavity, and the finger was then passed up into the
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effect on the circulation ; it may tend to weaken the respiration, though not
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on outer side of knee-joint an incision was made and pus evacuated ;
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a sterile gas which collapses the diseased lung. The lung is thus
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Case 4 is one recorded by Russell.^ — A lady, aged seventy-seven, who
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edition with the last German it will be seen how great was the task
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tor John Johnstone, who quaintly states that "tobacco acted upon
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maintenance of the existing relations between the medical profes-
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drug is more mucoid. The watery secretion is not so quickly established
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upon the outside protects the dressing from injury. This treatment was em-
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mile, and the effects on pulse and temperature are watched. A walk
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of treatment, which is only applicable to cases in which the wall of the tube
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ture sense, though there was no loss of the sense of the position of the limbs.