repairing to his residence, situated about one hundred rods distant, I met

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prepared to fill all orders, <fca We would be doing injustice to the author,

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inexhaustible quantities which might be obtained from Texas,

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A Small Matter, but an Important one. — Editors Medical

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power, and a modifying cause of all secreted products, nutri-

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partisans to prevent recognition and reception of the im-

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readmission. At the post-mortem examination the colotomy

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the pains had returned, but they were not severe. Upon an ex-

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Atlanta Medical College. — We learn that a reorganization of the Faculty

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pulverized charcoal and peruvian bark, equal parts, moistened

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bleeding. A case of wound of the ulnar artery above the wrist

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practice is to be guided — especially as the results here would

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comforts, with repeated draughts of domestic "mountain

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mucus is milky and opaline, containing some bubbles of air. It

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lesion, while also controlling hemorrhage. There can be no

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In the next place, I take this preparation, which is similar to

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the majesty of man, are maintained, in all their exact peculi-

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which generally ameliorates) and some general debility.

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if they were qualified, by previous study and observation, to take the best

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The President read an invitation to the members of the Associa-

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he must die without an operation. He expected to die under the knife,

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48. " Growing Need of Medical Political Organizations" — Joseph Punton,

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Times and Gazette, for August, 1853. In the latter, this is

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diuretics, by promoting the various excretions, may assist in accomplishing

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tors, it furnishes us with a singular fact, and one of much

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as the next place of meeting, it was only on account of its inac-

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Prescribed, in three hours after, the following anodyne to be

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This formation presents a red granular surface, closely resembling

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onlv two beats higher than after the former. To determine

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vous power" thereby arousing " mobility " by acting on the

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science and philanthropy — science and philanthropy, moral, intellectual, and phys*

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result would be an increased respect in the public mind for our art, and an

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history of surgery and surgical maladies will be sufficient to

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convinced that theories, however admirable they appear, are of

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jects as the stimulants proved to be? In truth, this source of

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the result of throwing his patient into strong convulsions. At other times

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gastric secretion is capable of dissolving any portion of the

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molasses are made. The hest varieties are obtained from the

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we think a very useful one to beginners in the study of medicine. Its pe-