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| the liquid. There was no mineral poison of any kind, although the

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therefore a dose of the ol. tilicis maris was directed to be

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covered with soft leather, and which is concave at its upper sur^

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stetrician, with special reference tothe use of the forceps in

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means of a thermometer (Casella, No. 5691) with very fine bulb

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med. Wchnschr., 1898, xlv. 611.— Williamson (S.) Arti-

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10. Finally it Is absolutely indispensable to reserve on every side of the school-

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when it comes as a secondary croup in typhus and similar diseases,

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regard to the care of the teeth, and as we would probably adopt

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has conduced to this result. If we can clearly make

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parent. The accompanying influenzal capillary bronchitis is charac-

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lowed up to puberty, and the educational training should be conducted

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fident she has endothelioma of the ovary which is surely

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necessary to dismiss those that appeared to be least ill, on purpose to

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or short sighted, and suffers from fatigue in using the eyes. The protru-

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less, who was entirely relieved by the removal of cirrhotic ovar-

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can only be determined with precision by an extensive series of

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the decadence of muscular hbre together with the tegumentary co-

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to find necessary the expedient of using sutures to close the duct open-

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months later she was again pregnant, giving birth to a second

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lots. If one person attends all, he should attend the well ones

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the very high electromotive force obtained by a Plants rheostatic

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strong light upon the nature of certain facts of human develop-

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constant occurrence in it in sufficient numbers to justify the classifi-

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should not be allowed to leave his bed, nor even to sit up

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ures doubly important. When it is remembered that one seventh of all

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professor of pathology, has been elected ordinary professor.

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chilly feeling, nausea, clammy skin, very weak pulse, sighing respira-

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taries, Dr. N. Leferre, Dr. de S.iint Leger, and Dr. Bonnin ;

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(ii.) A myopic eye with less than ID of myopia, in which the far point

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of the red corpuscles. The tertian parasite discolors the red cell much

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