The question was one to which the profession would need to pay more

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and this continued for three, ten, and twelve days respectively,

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application of these agents, and of the impossibility, from the deficiency and

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came to Cook County Hospital, complaining of frequent and

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and delivered by, dealer H., who placed the^cans of milk from K. in

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attack resisted treatment and patient gradually weakened,

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with certain points in treatment, thepaper was conclud-

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ture, 102° F.; pulse, 96. Patient slept fairly well.

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of diabetic renal disease with special reference to

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save life than it is to have a good perforator and crotchet

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be regarded as suspicious of increased tuberculous poisoning, while the

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is always of a very bright red and comes out in jets or spurts.

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1. Carbon Ink. Dissolve real Indian ink in common black

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the loss has been rapid, the patient has attacks of vertigo and noises in the

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Perhaps the most important subject which engaged the attention

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Fig. 1. — The effect upon the local blood flow of varying the temperature of the water sur-

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those who had not practiced the full five years. Dr. John

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In a case of extra-uterine gestation in which the mass

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comparativdy slight obstruction^ of the circulation in the spleen and liver might lead to

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ored. Patient complained of pain, frequent urine that becomes clear and loses its odor

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the payment of travelling expenses of the representatives

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fluid to be examined (the previous steps of the pro-

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fore, if the liability to inflammation during the first two months be represented

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But little clinical im.portance was attached to pulmonary aspergillosis

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p . _ the title of paralytic lagophthalmus in diabetes.

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later ; bled her seven ounces of very dark blood ; the

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The Treatment must be purely palliative and on general

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erally observed in old people, and may be accounted for

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mittee appointed to consider the feasibility of the es-

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part of the shoulder and in the armpit; and while the matter

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