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when all apparatus will be removed. In such cases as this normal
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proved that the amount of urine excreted diminishes ^vith the increase
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All tears should be attended at once. All decidua should be removed.
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»- Case V. — Mrs. C , aged twenty-seven, married, in
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for which it makes up in superficial areaV by the early formation of a
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town is west\vard, but the East Cliff is more thickly cov
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pyaimia or septicsemia. Each of these theories is maintained by authors
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all diseases or to all substances, or even to the same disease or the
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cutaneous affections, ulcerated tubercles, carbuncles ; scrofulous
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ly albuminous, and also containing hyaline casts. There was
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with markings corresponding to normal. The blood and lymph vessels
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bar and sacral vertebra^. The tumor was pedunculated,
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medical dogma or system of practice, tends to limit such freedom
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sacral plexus, and the various sympathetic plexuses. Their
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It seems to us probable that it is largel}^ a reflex vasomotor action,
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pulse-rate or blood-pressure with or without rise of temperature. Indeed,
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was necessary after bronchoscopy, though it was doubtless a wise precaution to
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gery, on Friday evening, the 15th inst.. Dr. Reginald IT. Sayre
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The Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and
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KiMn.Mj., J. P., Assistant Surireon. — Granted leave of ab-
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sanitary science, that communicable diseases would cease if proper
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the medical man in attendance on such cases realises that an
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CASE 1. — Child iet. 5. Fracture of right upper arm near
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Chloroform in Congestive Chills. — In a former number of our Sum-
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CO S CM O) i-_00 COCMCD'<t(0'-COST-CDrrm 0_ CO COCMi- CMCMCMr-
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WALLACE, F.R.S.E., F.C.S., F.i.C. Dr. JcThN CLARK, F.C.S., V.i!<!? £dl nburph .-!>«•
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fully chaotic state into which it is falling, or has
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ments. His suggestion of a five years' medical course, though