treatment was uniformably favorable, except in the four who had been
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concerned. It is equally true that in proportion to the financial pros-
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lumps and fragments were found to be composed of adeps. They
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In the Gazette for December, 1889, attention was called to
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the menstrual flow, to diminish, or to increase it. As has been said al-
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vular murmur, but a mixture of the various attrition murmurs, with a large
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In addition, it shall be responsible for liaison with
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the population. The gradual decrease in the mortality rates
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to the right of the umbilicus ; this proved to be a mass of similar gelatinous
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extent, accidents are fewer and fewer as civilization advances,
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nmst be treated by drainage, in whatever way and direc-
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1886, 4. Pv., i, 40-43. — ITIoncorvo. Note sur I'impa-
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< In all of the twenty-nine cases, excepting one,
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very fully, on account of inability to reach an ophthal-
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some of them were more or less plausible, yet the true
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of the blade of a knife. The arms are sometimes involved. The deep retlexes
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tion of extract of nux vomica (Colin, Bouley), alcohol (Colin),
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appointed to take the place of the late Dr. George Logan ; and recommend that he be
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matter, which he took to be a polypus. He removed the entire
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(Basel, 1597), an introduction to the practice of medicine
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and therapeutics. Without this knowledge it is not possible to
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matter. These and the aromatic infusions and herb teas which he
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siderable patch of skin from the abdomen to the forearm to
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plained of feeling cold and was prostrate and feeble. 3. Fre-
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w^ould, therefore, appear from this result — and w-e are hoping to investigate
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or into the peritoneal cavity, or may be retroperitoneal. (2) The mucous
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dissecting without loss of tissue. The redundancy is due to hyperplasia,
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in the midst of a general red consolidated lung tissue into which
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type taking four or five weeks to run its course, and I
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beater's skin held in a pair of forceps is recommended for making the smears. The
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tion, by three independent medical gentlemen, of the arrangement
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plying to a question, he said there was no neurotic history.
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Dr Berry Hart thought Dr Taylor's paper and the result of Dr
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T. M. Taylor, an instructor of chemistry in Oberlin College, has
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