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18. Freud, S.: New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis,

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after-effects. An excellent and efficient substitute, according to Mager-

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“If you have no objection, Mrs. Quimby, I think we

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upon statistics which are themselves not mathematically exact,

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reducing its temperature to a point not above 42 degrees or below 38

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tion and handling of Canfield's certified milk and cream is being carried

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If filtration is resorted to in Cleveland to remove the turbidity

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disclosure seemingly required by public interest and the welfare

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F. G. Novy, in closing, said that his own work had been entirely with

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Noguchi (Journal of Experimental Medicine, December, 1911, p. 557)

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smooth, distinct margins, they are ragged and indistinct. Many

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that introduced by William Russell, viz., "intermittent closing"

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