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stimulant is five to twenty drops, repeated every half hour, hour, or two

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ministered by the mouth Within a few years, inhalation of chloroform

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complaints indigenous in such places ; but in other cases, un-

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of the food. The relief, indeed, is so great, that the patient often feels

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he thinks, is nitric acid, which acts on it slowly when cold, but rapidly

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mospheric air, so that they may undergo the decompositions

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though not necessarily, the circulation also. They are sometimes called

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uptake occurs at 2 hours after exposure (Rossiter and Nicholls,

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nishing a precipitant for separating the valuable from the use-

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is frequently, likewise, the exciting cause of mania. Esquirol

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other purposes. Thus, while emetics are employed to relieve spasmodic

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tals, because nature gives them their food with almost no

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the extremities and body, and the unexpected flow of blood

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anderstand its usefulness in that complaint. In other forms of scrofu-

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goose-flesh, in which the roughness is owing to the shrinking of the

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iBfloenee of that agent, without its organic results. It is applicable only

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reduced to their lowest terms, of 5 to 1 ; that is, the dose for the child

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Catawba grape ; and I have seen a fine variety, little inferior to French

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Cullen, indeed, believed this connection to be essential, and taught thai