effect we should naturally expect from the abuse of

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lectures of the first two years were made to become

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Soc. }>. g. studi (1. malaria, Roma, v. 5, pp. 415-451. [\V m .]

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intimately is each step in the art of preserving health

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of lacerated wounds and amputations, in which, he believed, recovery was

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be appointed by the President at the morning session of the second day of each

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established, but in the latter case the cavity would have become smaller.

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is, of course, most marked in flexion, and is increased by swelling of

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follows pages on insufflation, inhalations, atomization, hypoder-

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incision through the skin. Tliis incision need not necessarily be made with

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unable in any way to give information of his case. All that we knew,

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two groups, the first including the larger number, where the passage of bile

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to the Evelina Hospital for Sick Children ; Consulting-

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fulsome praise bestowed upon its virtues is overdrawn." His

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ruption of the contact, it was always impelled in the contrary. After

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accessible to centres of employment, culture and amusement, and

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Within the range of our observation, during the prevalence of

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fkin, and the fauces were left free, that then there

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Scotch Education Department. — Leaving Certificates in each Grade and in

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continuance or activity of that fermentation, whether

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most indispensable, for in many emergencies the only adequate treat-

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tack of haemorrhage, that it was thought proper to institute an examination, as

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day, and again in more than one case about the tenth day. Con-

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ventricle. This is due not to a want of sensitiveness in the instru-

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examine, so as if possible, to determine whether the disease was

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measures of relief, and in which there was an entire

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able. The reputed intent of the amendment is “to alleviate the

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Gross, Stanley. Professor Emeritus of Clinical Pathology.

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upon the most prominent part of the occipital bone. She soon recovered from

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and finger. Could not see her tongue; bowels moved yesterday.

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their axes perpendicular, or somewhat so, to the skin,

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plies a constant stimulus to the mind, quickens its energies,

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occur in which cross veins exist. In 1854, I had the

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other was in midline near symphysis. Picture shows two plates over seat

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cus. On the 19th, had a slight haemorrhage, and com-

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added a very curious imitation of Catalepsy. Ether and Chlo-