agnosis". It may occasionally produce symptoms which are indis-

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cases of vomiting improve rapidly under this treatment, and as soon as possible,

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of certain headaches which are of significance from a Rhinologist's

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develop, the case is necessarily more prolonged. Either form may merge

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charged. The calculations show that more than all the blood in the body

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views I should like to point out that there are two ways of arriving

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Thefe creatures coft little or nothing to bring up,

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A sufficient experience has now been accumulated to show that

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Prognosis. — If no complications arise, if the attacks are not too

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often, that hi our large towns the casualty surgeon is more frequently

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food should be withdrawn from the diet, and the patient should be fed on a

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of which fine yellow or white granulations may be detected.

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soups, coffee, and milk, eggs beaten up with milk, etc. We are often

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appearance. In both these forms there is a total absence of injection.

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sudden, so that careful questioning may be necessary to elicit a clear

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Thus, out of 100 cases collected by Hawkins at St. Thomas's Hospital, forty-

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1 )( ),M INK) N M K 1 ) I ( • AI. MONT 1 1 L^ :'.:•

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becoming green, blue, violet, red, and lastly yellow. If to some nitric acid

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addition of a little sugar. Of this mixture 25 to 30 oz. is sufficient. The

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so that there may have been much interference with the blood supply of

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The nervous system shows no characteristic lesion independent of

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rudimentary organ. There is evidence also to suggest that a severe form

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contents and do not become infected. This is especially true in some

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to the plants, and did them great injury -, for they

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opinions are divided as to the best mode of treatment. Many surgeons

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Mesenteric, — Similar changes to those just mentioned in the bronchial

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ny before direifted. Some add iliced liquorice to the

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Chronic local peritonitic adhesions are very common, frequently give rise

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be fairly well formed, while the ribs are beaded, and the epiphyses

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caffeine, by subcutaneous injection. With a patient in extremis from

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to retain during many generations, without modification, the original

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deterioration of health, by persons who lead an out-of-door life and eat

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** rous, with fcorce any rednefs to be feen in it ;

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tached from the body, is called the tb(^h : it extends

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smooth, uniformly enlarged, hard, and shows very well the anatomical

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proper proportions or quantities, as well as infections, further

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