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with severe pain referred to the epigastrium or um-
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wliich the nation has just passed is the deletion of
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violent Case, {supposed to hare been engendered by (slan-
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curvature, and least frequent in the posterior wall.
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vestigated and the patient is asked if in coitus the
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monia, dark in appearance, or, if confluent, appears
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in the urine, voided by the patient. This is the first
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ble respiratory murmur over the entire side : he was bled be-
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XVI. Kumora is situated a quarter of a mile east of Dungaunee,
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twice experienced in my own person, but I never could explain its
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viewpoint and in the hope that they may i>rove of
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in various fascise showed clinically no evidence of
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toms involving respiratory tract — cough, tracheitis
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justification, diminish the mortality from the dis-
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mized and often completely nullified by the swelling,
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types of patients ; those who before the disease was
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methods in vogue. In addition to over ninety plates
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meme les plus actifs, qui, dans l'enfance de la science avaient
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priori, a urine of very low specific gravity, contains
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resistance must first be overcome. Advising the pa-
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the diet of the very sick for the sake of the general
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artificially obtained, we may recognize in empyerna
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the hilum and the capsule incised and dissected, the
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something as Tam O'Shanter did. I felt good all through. A
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extreme diversity of opinion and of estimates as to
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externa, without any paralysis of tlie internal mus-
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sera, a three to five c. c. excess of blood over the
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the Royal Metropolitan Infirmary for Children, and Acting
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It is difficult to say how often the disease is clini-
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by inhalation, but before beginning had four physi-
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advocate any method of treatment with reference to a special
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of function. I was then alluding to Dr. Hamilton's reference to
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Whkreas, The Governor of the State in a special mes-
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If this be granted, then it only regards the caries which has
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Cltrrent. — In Danville, III., on Friday, June 13th, Dr.
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earlier the better. In cases in which the diagnosis
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of private patients by the practitioners of this city, and
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correct interpretation of the picture which it pre-
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only to hasten the patient down to death. For these reasons Dr.
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children for the purpose of contracting the mucosa.
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placed for conducting the inquiry, or more indefatigable in collecting
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sided. The line of treatment was altered, amendment followed,
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on, or associated with, what is called a " nervous diathesis /'