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If it is asked how calomel can effect such important changes in the

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a return to normal health partly by their own endeavours.

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tory exercise for limbering up the muscles engaged in articulating the

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cholera has afforded us new pathological questions, which

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This book is intended for those who are learning to sing or to speak in

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of German Compulsory Health Insurance, New York, 1918, in which the evidence is

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plates, and it will be found that most surgeons prefer accurate markings to

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bacteriological evidence; (3) the course of puerperal

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The culture thus obtained was injected into a second rabbit. This

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Whether gangrene of the lung occurs as an epidemic, as is

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In the vertebrae, the facets for the ribs are at right

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1. AcKERMAN. Deut. med. Wochensch. 1893, p. 518. — 2. Alloooo. Ref. Neurolog.

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of the two compounds. A convenient way of benzoylation was found

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Resolved : That we, the Board of Governors of the New

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of the corporeal temperature during the progress of this form of

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disappear. As a further proof of this explanation, it was stated in