winter of iS74~'75 was passed as a medical student at the
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It is to men like Dr. Ostrom, who so happily combine
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an old and honored friend. In the May issue of " The North-
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9. "Giant Duodenum." (Child Four and One-half Years).
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In War Time. By S. Weir Mitchell, M.D. Boston : Houghton,
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of guttapercha, thus leaving a free space between the
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Hospital. It is safe to say that during these years many thousands
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tions, and many other medical and scientific bodies. During all these
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but never had succeeded in getting rid of over four feet of links
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glands. In this case our choice would be, most probably, mer-
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to our astonishment, we received a munificent gift of forty-five
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Lobar pneumonia occurs only in especially severe cases, but in such it may
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residence at Cooperstown, New Votk. Personally he is a
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should be discountetianced, so far as practicable ; and prolonged
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Jan. 3, 9 a.m. — There has been no vomiting daring the past
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kind, we, as homoeopathists, call to mind that we have no remedies
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faction of knowing that he had won his place in professional life
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and made a great reputation in this branch of medicine.
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cases where these patients — and we have seen a few — have
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children of the unfaithful, lo ! these many centuries ; and the
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Diet in Cholera. — We found the less of any thing given,