32. Veratrum Virlde. — The value and comparative harm-

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question about differential diagnosis, whether Jaundice, for Instance,

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of Topeka, Kan., had presented a paper before the Medical

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additional cases, all of whom recovered. Feb. 15, 1898,

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pericardial friction sounds again returned, but they disap-

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curs, which may require fifteen minutes or even longer. The

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and face. The eruption is a symmetrical one, unaccom-

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thus not a disease of the intestine per se, ae this may,

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l™K^''Hf?'^wi^r.r»V <^"°*<"'- Husted, Eugene G., Beamsvllle.

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increase the epileptic population to lOOO. An appropriation

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rence. Only one of our cases indicated this as the route

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bony wall, second to no other wall of protection, except

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but by all who are interested in a more complete organ-

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ably be midtiplied, so general has become the habit of

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laid on the table. At the last meeting of the Associa-

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called the "Pest College," which was really the begin-

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fatigued muscles with a normal saline solution, which

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operation before the cataract reaches maturity. The chief

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