and judgment displayed by the editor in its manage-
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to the spine. This case illustrates the futility of
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outgrown the experimental stage is the unitine (ichi
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ciate scientific methods and investigations, and to
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funds to purchase g^^ound, erect buildings and pro-
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gait was not strictly ataxic, but was rather shuffling
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enterprise in the widening field of medical research.
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For the week ending March 21, in Boston, according to ob-
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Case VI. G. H., colored, twenty-three single, porter.
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(2) Diagnosis. — In these cases tlie thing clinically
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from the fact that they stand in no definite relation-
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moment that a hospital is established with its medi-
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three fourths as frequent in this country as in Eng-
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pital in February, 1897. He had been very sick during
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' Four ordinary meetings of the Branch shall be held
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any giv(!n case, shall be (considered as information
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ture. Acid can exert a great influence in this direct-
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! and occasional regurgitation of V(>ry acid stuff,
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Anderson, J. F., passed assistant surgeon. To proceed to
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what might be expected if the water supply here should
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S6^%polynuclears, 12^% lymphocytes and l%eosinophiles.
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The fever did not last over eight days ; and sixteen
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absence of infection this fluid is sterile, and consists
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ethmoid cells, and could prove no associated disease
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and its practice a pastime ; but who can tell of the
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tinates Bacillus 48. It does not agglutinate the typhoid
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was probably iminvolved; the fifth showed normal sensi-