and Varioloid or mild small-pox as modified by previous attacks.

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pierced both fragments of the bone. The shaft and sheath being

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poisoning ; we have seen an almost fatal case of salivation result from the

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propeities." ^' By an action upon its constituent (proteinous) ele-

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of chronic inflammatory adhesions between inflamed lymph-glands and

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Among the earliest secondary symptoms is the eruption or rash ap-

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antecedent pelvic peritonitis, whether mild or severe, and there is a

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duce the characteristic thickness of speech of the recent hemiplegic ; and

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vomited. If perforation of the trachea or a bronchus has occurred, food

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is not generally accepted, since this disease occurs without other mani-

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formation of such portions of these bones. Such facts may be ob-

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In the severer varieties of acute pericarditis the inflammatory process

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Fibrous hepatitis proceeds from the surface of the liver in consequence

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the latter being due often to the presence of ulcer of the stomach.

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peatedly been proved by the discovery of the bacilli and by the pro-

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turbance of digestion, and cyanosis, perhaps eventually dropsy. The

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has been found to develop from ulcers and scars of the gall-bladder. The

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vsQal manner, and is merely ready for a surgical operktion, but in no

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ports, by some system of quarautind. NotvithataikUBg ail ssoh ob-

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has had increased powers given him over this painful disease, has

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these remedies, the patient grows worse and rapidly approaches the

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are suspended, the centres of these nerves themselves seem to repose

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above mentioned are unaffected. In chronic gout the kidneys are fre-

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giving milk every two hours or using Liebig's raw- meat soup, with milk

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excitement is largely avoided. For the relief of asthma the various

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generation, and the treatment must be limited to the application of the

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The skin is dry and scaly, and in certain epidemics may present an

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even hot water gives the greatest relief. In our experience the imme-

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veratrum viride should be given freely (three to five minims of the

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diaphoretics, or diuretics are employed ; of these the first named are