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thoracic type occurs in the form of an adenoma, cyst, or tumor within
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origin of pain, among whom may be mentioned Forster,^-* who in
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both rife from one and- the. felr fame Beed ,- that is,'
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one of which is fmall, confifting of fix white Leaves,
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inflammation of the bowels, if the patient died in three or four
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not cause any difficulty or annoyance whatever in micturition,
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give e.ife in pains of the Spleen, Sides, Reins and
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fome jbitternefs, and mightily dries without biting;
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and other penetrating abdominal wounds demand immediate
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His death occurred July 4, 1890, from diphtheria. On the
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when upon the pilgrimage is Paradise ; being God's Will what
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times three , or four Feet, or more high , box /o/ro-
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the JirJ} is commonly called, Narciffus Marinas mag-
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There has also been recommended in the treatment of tubercu-
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he has obfetvedjome to bear purplifh : ) which being
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He commenced his studies with Dr. Knight of Salisbury, Conn.,
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a Stone in it to make it Jink, then put in the Wine ,
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putrid Ulcers , it cleanfes and dries them , and dif-
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Flower, confiding of four fmall round pointed Leaves,
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like a Star ; the Cup is fmall and round, oj a pale
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and fo grow up and feed, and Ihed their Seed in the
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A 5 Ju c c , e i Hedge HyJJop depurated^ Ounces : Di-
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section of the pylorus being followed by fearful mortality, and
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Cojla canina , £>tiinquenervia , Plantago minor ;
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Endivia Sylvejiris Loniceri -, An dry ala minor Da-
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ance of all dropsy and the diuresis still continued.
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It cleanfes corrupt and rotten Sores and old Ulcers,
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here their correct classification. I know a gentleman forty-six years
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Phyllum EUophyllunt,> apimojerov , Phyllon
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ty, and therefore is good to be put into Wafhballs,
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participation of speech in the clinical picture of imperative processes,
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Figworr, Scrophularia , bicaria , Millemorbia } 2 63.
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ventricle it is at least not uncommon to meet with acute mania