increased, as in pneumonia. Perhaps a more potent causal element is
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Chief among these are the morsels of food that find lodgement and
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pend in a great measure upon the extent of the lesion. If this is small,
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(4) The general physical condition. In persons reduced by illness
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reflexes show various modifications ; the knee-jerks may be either nor-
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History of almost I'onstunt cyanosis, be- Not so ; history of endocarditis or of
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the perfect decomposition of the nitrogenous elements of food and tis-
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mucus, or pus is well mixed with the feces, the origin is high up
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be wrapped in cotton, and counter-irritation may be applied to the spine.
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lapse in the graver cases. The temperature at first is subnormal (95° to
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incising a small portion under Schleich's method of infiltration-anes-
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standing cases albumin and tube-casts may be present in the urine.
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of glands the current of secretion, a thick oily substance, is from
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carefully noted distinguishing characteristics of the various diverse
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the text, and 22 full-page plates. Cloth, $2.50 net.
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retroperitoneal tissue. The starting-point of suppuration is usually be-
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affected than the upper. While it is probably merely coinci-
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manifested by special symptoms. The existence of a chronic valvular
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when, as a rule, they cease. The pain, at least in the beginning, is usually
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upward, involving the muscles of the calf and thigh or the forearm and
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this heading have been due to peripheral and not to central lesions. In
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Clinical History. — The symptoms vary with the cause. The on-
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ptyalism can be avoided by a knowledge of individual susceptibility and
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It occurs with great frequency in girls from seven to fourteen years of
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morning temperature was normal, his evening temperature 100.
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occur. They are most annoying when the patient is in the recumbent
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plications before mentioned, and especially by laryngismus stridulus or
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General Pathology. — (a) Primary Lesion or Chancre. — This ap-
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beliefs are fused in a still smaller group— often too loosely synthetized
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turpentine (equal parts). When the blood-coloring matter is present,
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nitrite-inhalations, and hypodermics of atropin, strychnin, and digitalis,
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its presence a menace then radical surgical methods must be used.
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0.129 or 0.194 — every five minutes) should be given until free vomiting