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A note on the contractility of the musculature of the auriculo-

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air in the room) and closed. It is allowed to remain closed for

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[Editor^s I^ote. — Felsin is a new preparation manufactured by

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III. Practical Cystoscopy. Demonstrations, covering the

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Regional Surgery. Philadelphia, J. Blakiston's Son & Co.,

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rise in the temperature. The temperature rises rapidly after the

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The vital staining of mitochondria in trypanosoma Lewisi with

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'N'ovember ^^Everybody's." "We can get on the good side of a dog

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John Moir, L. E. C. P. and L. R. C. S., Ed., in The Therapist,.

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proper excision in the earliest pre-cancerous or cancerous stage

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growth of the American Congress on Tuberculosis which was

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Anaphylaxis. — Iowa State Medical Society Journal, 1914, in,

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J. Julian Chisolm, M. D., Assistant in Laryngology.

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until new blood can be formed. It raises the temperature to normal

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phenol and camphor. It has proven to be a remarkable remedy in

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This work is not a study of individual English words in the attempt

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While much has been done in working out the details of the life

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Bacteriology : at the end of the third trimester of the

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would enable any teacher to detect the existence of trouble and

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A. B., Johns Hopkins University, 1907, and M. D., 1911 ; Assistant Dispensary

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and he sold out his store and began the study of medicine at Boston Uni-

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senile plaques, while present, were neither large nor numerous, and

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I. Practical work in the dispensary, including clinical

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Vr. F. E. Daniel, Editor Texas Medical Journal, Austin, Texas.

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INDICATIONS.— In Gout, Neuralgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica

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vomited occasionally^ after some emotion or fit of blues.