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ence the function of the formative cells. To a limited extent,
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we cannot accredit a priority which is only supported on a
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fluence over abnormal conditions of mucous membranes would
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to be sure, — something of credulity, no little of
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23. That the pituitary gland is a ganglion of the or-
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respiration, we refer it to deficient innervation from the spinal
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weight increasing. A moderate, warm perspiration, which usually
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chitis it is a frequently employed remedial agent. Chronic bron-
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Dose. — Fluid extract, 5 to 60 drops ; specific medicine, 5 to
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ing and the use of antiseptics. To prevent re-absorption great
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but that practitioners, teachers, and investigators of internal
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ence. Again, there is no other one of the specific diseases,
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oxide will be found in the bottom of the test-tube. Less time is
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fected part, or indirectly through its action upon other parts or
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For example, a girl, aged eighteen years, had a pleurisy with
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cutient and narcotic. In very large doses it causes vomiting
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vulsive coughs it is an efficient remedial agent, and in hysterical
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and immediately swallowed four grains of permanganate of
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depicted by electrocardiograms, which were absolutely typical. He had a
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be equalled. Weigh well what is said to you ; weigh well
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Intraveiimts Injections. The number of patients who receive
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wrist, what is termed the pulse will be felt; that is to say, the
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tion of tears in absence of fever, dry, shriveled epidermis, flushed
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York City, 59 cases of typhus, leaving only 21 more cases to be
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remedies are to be drawn. When a part is involved there will be,
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employed with advantage. In fact, it is a remedy of merit in all
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our political horizon has at length burst with terrific vio-
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of the veins. As these movements are stimulated and co-ordi-
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It gives most excellent and reliable results, and we cannot afford
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so tough that it required considerable effort to tear it open;
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discharge had not been quite constant. The H. D. of R. was
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felt on the inner angle of the lower jaw. In inflammations
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ment is not etfective enough, it will be necessary to use our
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and pain. Pulsatilla increases the tone and functional activity
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given up to other activities. See their clean-shaven
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Usual Prescription. — IJ Chelone glabra, 5i; water, §iv. M.
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also quite constantly present in the brain and other organs and
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was about freeing the negro slaves ; and he believes
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pulse is more frequent in young than old animals. In the
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it terminates in the outpouring of serum, from the blood in>
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largely diluted with water, are quite as effective as the large
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The heart lies obliquely in the thorax behind the middle and
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every two or three hours. I have used the Homeopathic pellets,
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Dose. — yl to 1 grain for child; 1 to 3 grains for adult. The
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the process is under the control of the nerves. Many of the
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