Mil- nervous system, from centers liiulii'r np, or to stimuli trans-

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and affecting only the nerve trunk. In the former case the deformity may

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general protein metabolism of the tissues, but from the metabolism

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nervous system. Tenderness over the nerve trunks, senson'^ changes,

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I'lil. I'i;i;;r;irii i.T iii.'tli...| r,,r r.-.-..r.liii- »t..iii;i. li iii,i\ . iii,.|iis .172

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the parathyroids he thought caused symptoms suggesting Graves' disease.

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may be on one or both sides of the body, but in the majority they are more

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iiiM'itiisc nil cane siiirar tlicsc arc aciil Imilics. a iiiodcralc increase in

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prophesy too much. In the slowly advancing form the prognosis should

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turbed in nephritis and may necessitate the use of bromides, or some of the

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in O,, consumption followed the tetaiiii.s that is, the call f.n- O.. continue-

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Xot only does tliis detieieney of oxy<ten cause acid sul)stances to apj)

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long time of Donovan's solution (liquor arsenii et hydrargyri iodidi) in small

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the diastolic murmur is venous and anjemic. The vascular phenomena may

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by a blood clot, a fragment of tumor, a mass of muco-pus, or torsion of the

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Quantitative Relationship between CO, of Inspired Air and Pulmonary

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V. Some Observations on tlie Cure of Hydrocele of the

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instances in males. As already noted, it makes a great difference in the

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patient suffered with unilateral ptosis, the mother of another showed a

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lalciilation is liased upon the assniii|ition that no hydioiren is alisorlied

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