and it was commenced with the impression that it would be impossible

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on treatment. Suppose that we assume the correctness of Dr.

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which both of these two diseases could be excluded.

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public faithfully to perform, as far as our abilities extend. We enter

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they were able to prove the transference of the disease from man to

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Changes in the vascular walls are often recognisable with the

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lapse. Ill other instances an infarction in this organ has broken down and

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salt solution may be injected into the cavity as a substitute for the effusion and

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scarcely distinguishable from the surrounding tissues, sometimes con-

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Par., 1890, x, 149-155. Also: Rec. d'ophth.. Par., 1890,

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69-9, cloudiness 51, and A. H. 32-9, gives a record of 51-3,

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bowels confined; power of deglutition much impaired. The left side of

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tablished, it ran into the secreting stage, and then the patient's

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no eruption except goose-flesh appearance at root of hair; tongue

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vations have been confirmed by Sir Duncan Gibb over and over again upon

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was delirous and unconscious, and it w^as thought that she

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lated swelling in the coecal region. Dr. With regards the existence of a primary

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(10,000 francs); this prize, which is sexennial, will be

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amebas on media to which gradually increasing amounts of blood

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transudation are peptones ; yet, although these are pro-

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effects of pressure on one or other of those organs. Aneurysms of the

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striking physiological proof : —All our readers are probably-

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Tiibing,, 1893, x, 433 - 468.— 'Wheeler (\V. I.) Fracture

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ing during Lent on account of the prevalence of influ-

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time to have the vaccine eruption reach maturity before the smallpox

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frequency of the pulse and diminishes irritability. It is poisonous

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society meets a month earlier than usual. The writers should

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20th. — Pulse 84; tongue moist; respiration quiet. Treatment

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(By "starting of routes" is meant where team? start. The most re-

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29. Scherck, II. I. Anti-tetanic serum in Fourth of July injuries. Jour.

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